Biodynamic Osteopathy

What is biodynamic osteopathy?

  • still like a breathing mountain...
    Biodynamic osteopathy is a holistic medical method that supports the body’s self-healing forces in order to re-establish health.
    The aim of biodynamic osteopathy is to bring the body to its neutral point. In this state where the vegetative nerve system is in balance, patients experience feelings of harmony and unity in their bodies. Free of tensions, the body and its tissues are ready to react to therapeutic forces.
    Our body constantly strives to maintain balance and harmony. This means that all human beings have the innate ability to heal themselves. Biodynamic osteopathy treats the patient’s wholeness, aiming to establish contact with the body’s healing processes.
    The osteopath uses his or her hands to sense, diagnose and treat. Instead of searching for symptoms, the osteopath focuses attention on recognizing the priorities set by the client’s innate health and reinforces them.
    Illness and lesions manifest themselves as asynchronous movement in the system that never occur just locally, but in the whole. As such, they can be recognized by an osteopath before external symptoms develop. Illness is not a disorder, but an inherent, clever attempt by the body or by singular tissues to re-establish balance.
  • With each disorder or lesion the body activates its innate healing forces, knowing the path back to health. The osteopath’s task is to recognize this pre-defined healing process and to get in sync with it.
    Biodynamic osteopathy enables the individual to reach a point where body, spirit and soul are in unity and where holistic healing is possible. Patients who receive osteopathic treatment over a prolonged period learn to maintain their inner balance and remain healthy.